Peach Poblano Pepper Jam

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Peach Poblano Pepper Jam A Ball Jam & Jelly Maker Recipe I love this Peach Poblano Pepper Jam recipe. I have made Jalapeno Pepper Jam and I have made a Peach & Jalapeno Jam. Up until now my favorite jam recipe was the Peach &  Jalapeno Pepper Jam.  I have been making for years and […]

Homemade Fig Preserves

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Fig Preserves I have been wanting to make fig preserves for many many years.  My obsession with making fig jam or homemade fig preserves started over 10 years ago when I bought a self pollinating brown turkey fig tree.  If you have ever planted a fruit true you know it takes a few years for […]

Blueberry Pepper Jam Recipe | Jam Maker Recipe

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Blueberry and Poblano Pepper Jam  Jam Maker Recipe One of my favorite jam recipes  is blueberry jam. I love plain blueberry jam or a mixed berry jam using strawberries and blueberries. Along with my love of berry jam I also have an obsession with the sweet and spicy flavor of a fruit and pepper jam. […]

Win a Ball #HeritageBlue Jam & Jelly Maker Prize Pack

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Win a Ball #HeritageBlue Jam & Jelly Maker Prize Pack   Have you figured out yet that I am in love with the new Ball Heritage Blue canning jars? Well I am actually in love with all things Ball if the truth be told. I’ve been canning for about 23 years now. Ball has always […]

Ball Jam & Jelly Maker Recipe| Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam Recipe

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Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam Recipe   Have you ever made a Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam?  If you are lucky enough to live where the cherries are aplenty I advise you to print this Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam recipe out and tape it somewhere that you will not forget about it when the cherries come into […]

Ball Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker Pina Colada Jam #canning

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Ball Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker Pina Colada Jam #canning     I know it is the dead of winter where you live. It’s freezing cold outside and the last thing you have on your mind is making jam or jelly. Jam or jelly making is for the summer months right? So why am I […]

{Closed} Ball Jamming Prize Pack Giveaway

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Ball Jamming Prize Pack Giveaway   I have a big favor to ask. It’s a simple favor and in exchange you will be entered to win an awesome giveaway sponsored by Ball Canning & Recipes. All you have to do is answer one simple question and I’ll get to the details in a moment. You […]

Can It Forward | Ball Blue Book of Preserving Giveaway

Win the Ball Blue Book of Preserving

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you know I love to can.  Usually I make jams. Last year I made refrigerator garlic dill pickles.  I made  a couple  of jars of them a few weeks ago. Canning is something I have enjoyed doing for many years and I am so […]

Carrot Cake Jam

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Carrot Cake Jam   Last summer I bought a canning magazine put out by Better Homes and Gardens special interest publications. I’m not sure if it is still available. I hope they come out with a new issue this summer. I bought it as a chat giveaway prize and the winner never claimed it so I decided […]

National Can It Forward Day Live Streaming Demos

I’m not sure how I missed this little tid bit of information the other day but for those of you who will not be attending a canning party on August 13th. Or those of you who have never tried canning but want to see what it’s all about  can go to the Fresh Preserving website […]