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Old Fashioned Carrot Cake

Old Fashioned Carrot Cake

Old Fashioned Carrot Cake   Oops so I accidently posted this recipe Friday night instead of Monday morning as I planned. Enjoy the extra recipe. Try it out over the weekend if you get a chance! I found this Old Fashioned Carrot Cake recipe in my newest favorite Vintage Cookbook. The cookbook is the Farm […]

Broccoli Casserole #HolidayRecipes

Broccoli Casserole, #HolidayRecipes, Thanksgiving Side Dish, holiday side dish

Broccoli Casserole This week’s Progressive Dinner Broccoli Casserole recipe post will be a little different. I will still be sharing our roundup links but because of a previous contract with another brand I will not be sharing this weeks sponsor product or giveaway. You can still enter the #HolidayRecipes giveaway by visiting one of the […]

Peach Almond Jam Bars Recipe | Vintage Recipe

old fashion jam bars, cake bars, jam bar recipe,

Peach Almond Jam Bars Recipe An Old Fashioned Jam Bar Recipe   I love a good jam bar recipe and I found this Peach Almond Jam Bars recipe in a new vintage cookbook I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I love old vintage cook book recipes as you know and it has been […]

Onion Cheddar Muffin Recipe | A Vintage Family Recipe

Onion, Cheddar, Muffin recipe, savory muffin recipe

Onion Cheddar Muffin Recipe It has been too long since I posted to my Vintage Recipe Project.  This Onion Cheddar Muffin recipe comes from my mother in-law. A few years ago I scanned all her old family recipes that she has saved over the years from her mother and grandmother in a recipe card box.  […]

Jello Poke Cake Retro Recipes #SundaySupper

#SundaySupper, Jello Poke Cake, Retro Recipes

Strawberry Jello Poke Cake Retro Recipes #SundaySupper     This weekends #SundaySupper is all about Retro recipes, then and now. If you poke around on my site you will see how much I love old vintage recipes. I even have a Vintage Recipe Project where I remake old family recipes from my collection of recipe cards and […]

Old Fashioned Mac and Cheese #SundaySupper

Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese #SundaySupper

Old Fashioned Mac and Cheese #SundaySupper   This weeks #SundaySupper theme is comfort food.     Around the Sunday Supper table this week is  special guest,  Lee Woodruff . Lee Woodruff is the author of Those We Love Most and will be joining us during our #SundaySupper chat on twitter this weekend.  You will have a […]

Fairy Food Cake: Vintage Recipe Project

Fairy Food Cake, recipe, vintage recipe, project, creme fraiche, orange curd

The Vintage Recipe Project: Fairy Food Cake     Fairy Food Cake with Creme Fraiche and Orange Curd Whipped Topping     Based on the name and the directions to make a Fairy Food Cake I assumed it was just an old fashioned name for an angel food cake. But after baking and tasting a Fairy Food Cake […]

The Vintage Recipe Project: Never Fail Pumpkin Muffins

Vintage Recipe Project Never Fail Pumpkin Muffins

Never Fail Pumpkin Muffins A Vintage Recipe Project remake. I tested out a recipe for never fail cupcakes months ago. I wanted to retest the recipe again using butter. The original Never Fail Pumpkin Muffin recipe called for lard. I didn’t have any lard on hand so I used shortening. I wasn’t happy with the flavor of the test batch of […]

What Does A Food Blogger Do When Their Internet Is Down

vintage recipe, vintage recipe project, old family recipes, chili sauce recipe

What Does A Food Blogger Do When Their Internet Is Down What does a food blogger do when their internet is down for two days? On Monday morning while I was doing my morning work, you know checking emails, replying, doing my work in the Savvy Living Community on The Blog Frog my internet suddenly […]

The Vintage Recipe Project with a twist: Peach Kuchen in a Jar or Not

Old recipes, Peach Kuchen Recipe, vintage dessert recipes

Peach Kuchen Recipe I have been wanting to try this baking in a canning jar thing for a bit now. At first I was going to make a peach cobbler. I thought the cobbler would be a great baking in the jar recipe because peach cobbler is a summertime treat and wouldn’t it be great to be able […]