Fairies Fairies Everywhere | DIY Woodland Fairy Crowns

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DIY Woodland Fairy Crowns

A Fairy Halloween or Fairy Birthday Party

Back in July I posted a tutorial for DIY Fairy Dust Glitter Gel that I made for my granddaughters birthday party. The party theme was woodland fairies and I made all the girls Woodland Fairy Crowns, Wands and the DIY Fairy Dust Glitter Gel as party favors. The  How to Make Fairy Dust Gel instructions are very easy. 

All the girls had a great time at the fairy party and loved wearing the fairy costumes with the fairy crowns that I made. The DIY Fairy Dust Glitter Gel was a hit with the moms as well. Everyone was sparkling at the party.


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How to Make Woodland Fairy Crowns

The Fairy Crowns are a little harder to make then the fairy glitter gel but as long as you have some basic crafting experience you shouldn’t have a problem.

I made enough fairy crowns for 12 party guests. The amount of supplies are based on the number of crowns I made. You of course will need much less if you are only making one crown for a Fairy Halloween costume. If you are making one fairy crown you will only need one package of each of the supplies listed below. If you are planning on  making enough Fairy Crowns for a Fairy Birthday Party then this supply list is what I bought and used for the 12 Fairy Crowns I made.

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DIY Fairy Crown Supplies

Supplies to make 12 Fairy Woodland crowns

  • Craft Tools needed
  • wire cutter
  • scissors
  • quick drying tacky glue or glue gun and glue sticks
  • 3 packages brown grapevine wire (AC Moore)
  • 6 bouquets artificial flowers (Dollars Store)
  • 3 bouquets butterfly picks (Dollar Store)
  • 2-3 packages Moss (Joanns Craft Store)
  • 1 package dyed feathers (Joanns Craft Store)
  • burlap ribbon or strips of burlap material (AC Moore)
  • 1/4 inch satin ribbon 
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Measure the girls heads to get the correct size for the fairy crown.

How to measure the correct size of a DIY Fairy Crown

Our Fairy Party consisted of various aged little girls.  The youngest was 3 and the oldest 7. To figure out the correct size I would need for the crowns I measures the heads of my granddaughters.  My granddaughter Addison would be the youngest and had the smallest head so I used a piece of ribbon to measure her head and made her crown the correct size for her head. The rest of the crowns I measured the 4 year old birthday girls head and the 7 year old, who happened to be my oldest granddaughter. The sizes were so close that I made the rest of the crowns to fit the measurements of the 4 year olds head.


How to construct the Fairy Crown Base

Using the piece of ribbon I then  took the Grape Vine Wire and unrolled a short piece and created a circle matching the size of the ribbon I used to measure the girls heads. To secure the wire I  twisted the end piece of the wire around the circle and tucked in the end so the sharp end would not scratch the Fairies while they wore it. Next I wrapped wire around the circle two more times. I cut the wire off the bolt and turned the end in and tucked it into the wire of the crown to secure it in place.

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DIY Fairy Crowns wrapped in burlap ribbon

 Embellishing the crowns with ribbon, features and flowers

I couldn’t find narrow burlap ribbon so I bought a package of wide ribbon and trimmed off strips about 1 inch wide. Using glue secure the end of burlap ribbon to the crown base and twist it around the wire crown frame. Let the glue dry completely.


Once the glue is dry add a layer of moss wrapping it around the back of the wire frame.  Using a low temp glue gun would work better than the tacky glue at this point. And since it dries immediately it will help things go faster especially if you are making 12 of the crowns.

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DIY Woodland Fairy Crowns

Embellishing DIY Fairy Crowns

Now the fun begins. Take three coordinating colors of ribbon and pull off about 3 feet of ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the crown. Be sure to leave about 6 inches hanging off the back side, at each end of the ribbon to create a tail. The ribbon will trail down the back of the fairies head and look so pretty. Secure the ribbon by tying the ribbon in a knot at the back.

Play around with the artifical flowers, butterflies and leaves. Arrange them around the crown before gluing to see what it will look like. Once you are happy glue the pieces to the crown base with the low temp hot glue.


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Birthday Party Woodland Fairy Crowns

 Our Fairy Birthday Party was a huge hit.

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Woodland Fairy Birthday Party Crowns

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    Arlene – these are simply lovely – I always wanted to make for myself but can’t figure out where to wear it – perhaps in the backyard when I am gardening – that way I can enjoy it and no-one can see me – LOL! (Sharon)

    Great share on your #simplybebesty GALLERY!

    The best to you
    Sharon and Denise


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