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Summer Drink Recipes | Black Cherry Soda Recipe

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Homemade Black Cherry Soda Recipe

It looks like it is the week of summer drink recipes and mason jars here on the blog.

This recipe is one of a three part series of easy summer drink recipes that all start out with one black cherry simple syrup recipe. You can find the first post for an Easy Cherry Limeade recipe that includes the instructions on how to make the cherry simple syrup that you will need for all three recipes at the link above. Make  all three summer drinks or pick a favorite and enjoy these cherry flavored drinks all summer along.

These sweet summer drink recipes have another thing in common. They are all served in the new beautiful  Ball Heritage Blue ( affiliate link ) canning jars. If you would like a chance to win a Ball Jam & Jelly Maker ( affiliate link ) and a case of these gorgeous blue canning jars  check out my Easy Cherry Limeade post for the details on entering the Ball Pinterest Sweepstakes which ends on June 24th.

Soda Making at Home

To make homemade soda all you need is a flavored simple syrup and club soda. You can make any flavor of homemade soda that you like using the simple syrup recipe that I have shared in my Easy Cherry Limeade recipe by changing up the type of fruit you cook with the sugar and water. Since we already have made our Sweet Black Cherry Simple syrup we will be making a glass of Black Cherry soda with it today.

Fill, preferably a beautiful Ball Heritage Blue  Mason Jar with ice. Add 3-4 tablespoons of cherry simple syrup to the jar. Pour club soda in and stir. Look at what a pretty layered drink this Black Cherry Soda recipe makes before you stir it.


Layered Drinks, Black Cherry Soda, Homemade Soda Recipe

Layered Drinks: Homemade Black Cherry Soda


Right before serving you can stir up the Black Cherry Soda or you can serve it this way and let your guests stir it as they drink it. The layered drink look comes from the cherry simple syrup sinking to the bottom of the glass. The simple syrup is heavier then the club soda so it stays on the bottom of the mason jar until you stir it and it combines with the club soda.

Love this recipe and want more like it?

Homemade, Black Cherry Soda, layered drink recipe, Ball Mason Jars, Blue Mason Jars

Homemade Black Cherry Soda


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  1. Recipes with chicken says:

    What an awesome recipe for a cherry soda… I loved the idea and went to make my own e tonight and look forward to this gorgeous refreshment in the future. I enjoyed visiting here and getting some great ideas for my kitchen too.



  2. I have looked and looked and can’t find the basic cherry syrup recipe. Especially I would like to make the Black Cherry Syrup so I can make your cherry lemonade and cherry soda. Where can I find the syrup recipe?


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