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Quick and Easy Spring Canning Jar Toppers using Cupcake Liners

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 Quick & Easy


Spring Canning Jar Toppers

using  Cupcake Liners

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Spring Cupcake Liner Canning Jar Toppers


The strawberries are fresh, plump and ripe here in Florida this month.

I mentioned in my strawberry filled cupcake post that Florida is the Winter Strawberry Capital and  that I couldn’t wait for the strawberries to start  hitting the produce section for a great price. This week I have seen the prices on the  ripe plump berries start to drop. This week you can get three pounds for $5 . Not a bad price but they will come down a bit more depending on how well the Florida strawberry crop has been this year.

I’ve taken to indulging this past week in a small bowl of sliced strawberries with a dollop or two of sweetened  homemade creme fraiche for dessert.  

I also made two small batches of strawberry jam. The first batch I made was plain Strawberry Jam.  The second batch was Strawberry Vanilla Jam.

I made both batches in the Ball Jam & Jelly Maker. Back in January I shared a post where I made  Pina Colada Jam in the Jam & Jelly Maker. There are step by step photos of how easy it is to make jam in it.

I love that machine. Honestly I don’t know if I will ever make another batch of jam on the stove again.

So I made my strawberry jam and I was getting ready to take some pictures and I thought to myself. I need some pretty canning lid toppers for my jars.

And I remembered those pretty flower petal shaped cupcake liners I used in my Easter Baking with World Market post. I still had a bunch left and I knew the red ones would look perfect on top of the jars of Strawberry Jam. They actually remind me of a strawberry.

This is a perfect DIY Canning Jar Topper

canning jars, toppers, cupcake liners, mason jars, strawberry jam

Cupcake liners used for canning jar toppers


What do you think? Don’t they remind you of a strawberry?

Mason Jars, Cupcake Liners, Canning lid toppers

Mason Jar Toppers made out of Cupcake Liners


The cupcake liners come in three colors, purple, yellow and red.

citru marmalade, cupcake liners, jar toppers, cheap, easy way to top your jars

citrus marmalade mason jars with cupcake liner toppers


The yellow ones look perfect on jars filled with citrus marmalade.

This is an easy and pretty way to make your canning jars pretty and way cheaper then using material.

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  1. Love this idea. Genius!


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