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Mojito Ice Pops and FoodBuzz Top 9

Mojito Ice Pops
Nothing gives me a warm fuzzy feeling more then having one of my recipes make the Top 9 on Foodbuzz. It has only happened one other time so it means alot to me.
The great thing about making the Top 9 is that you know that your recipe or blog post has made it to the Top 9 because  fellow food bloggers have buzzed your post up to the top 10% of posts that have been published that day. It is something to be proud of. It is something to savor because it will end the next day when the next Top 9 posts are picked.
So I want to thank my fellow food bloggers for buzzing my Mojito Ice Pops up to the Top 9. It makes all the hard work worth it.


  1. mmmmmm looks so good!

  2. Congratulations!!! How very exciting and well deserved! The Mojito Ice Pops recipe is fantastic and delicious and just the thing for a hot, summer day. Thanks for a great post, and congrats again.

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