Easy DIY Chalkboard Labels

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Easy DIY Chalkboard Labels


Ever  since I bought a quart of chalkboard paint I can’t help finding new ways to use it. I currently have a couple of diy chalkboard paint projects in the works. Some for me and some for the grandkids. These DIY mason jar chalk labels are so easy to make. In 15 minutes you can have a ton of chalkboard mason jar labels made up and stored until you need to use them. You could use any type labels to make these chalk paint labels but I wanted them for use in my pantry on the pretty new Ball Blue Heritage Jars (affiliate link) .
DIY, Chalk, Paint, Labels, Mason Jars

Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Labels

To make the Chalkboard Canning Jar Labels you will need

DIY, Chalkboard, Chalk, Labels, Mason Jar Labels

Supplies needed to make Easy DIY Chalk Mason Jar Labels

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  1. Lay your paper or plastic out over your work surface to protect it from any spills or splatters of  chalkboard paint.
  2. Unroll a strip of about 4 Ball canning labels and tape the ends to your protective paper so they lay flat.
  3. Repeat with as many rows of labels as you would like to make.
  4. Shake the can of paint to mix it and carefully open it with a paint can opener or a flathead screw driver.
  5. Dip the sponge paint brush in the can of paint and in one sweep paint a layer of chalk paint over each row of  labels.

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 Paint across the labels with the chalkboard paint in the least amount of brush strokes as possible to cut back on lumps and ridges caused by the paint brush.


* I know you can avoid the lumps and bumps from a paint brush by using chalkboard spray paint. I haven’t used spray paint in many years because I do not like the hazard of breathing in the fumes or trying to avoid overspray.  I used the Rust-Oleum paint in the middle of my kitchen and didn’t even notice a strong smell from paint fumes like you get when you use spray paint. For me this is the route I decided to go. Plus I don’t like have to set up outside, deal with the elements and then bring everything back in the house. This way is so much easier.

Leave the labels taped to your work surface until dry. I placed a small fan in front of my labels and they were completely dry in about 10 minutes.

chalkboard labels, DIY chalk labels

Paint all the labels with the chalkboard paint


 When the chalkboard paint is completely dry prime your labels by rubbing a piece of chalk over the top and wiping them clean with a dry rag.

How to make chalkboard labels, chalk labels, easy chalk labels

Prime the labels with a piece of chalk.


Write on the labels you will be using. Store the unused labels in an envelope to protect them.

easy, diy, chalk, labels, chalkboard canning labels, how to

Easy Diy chalkboard paint labels

 Write the contents of your jars on the label and attach them to the front of the pretty Ball Heritage Blue pint canning jars.

These beautiful limited edition Ball Heritage Blue canning jars are pretty hard to come by. They keep selling out and are on backorder in many online stores.

Amazon still has them so if you want them you better grab them while you can.


easy chalk labels, diy chalkboard labels, canning jar labels, Ball heritage Blue Canning Jars, organise pantry

DIY Chalk Labels


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  1. Jen@smallroomideas says

    Thanks for the ideas! I have to admit chalkboard paint is one of the most useful things I have ever bought!

  2. says


    I am the Kid’s Pastor at our church and I was thinking about using this idea to create “Manna Jars.” We are learning about how God provided manna from heaven for the Israelites during their journey to the promised land. The kid’s will place tangible items inside the jar that represent how God has provided for them. If they display it someplace in their home, guests can see the jar and ask, “What is a manna jar?” This gives them opportunity to share stories of how God has provided.

    Quick questions about the labels…Since I am using them with kids, do the labels stick well to the jar? Will i run the risk of them coming off easily?

    Brett Sall
    Associate Pastor
    Vintage City Church
    Fort Collins, Colorado

    • says

      Hi Brett

      The labels stick to the jars very well as long as they do not get wet. The glue on these labels are water soluble. If someone was to pick the jar up with wet hands and the water get on the label it may dissolve the label. Since you are going to do this project with kids I would use a different label. Avery sells a large selection of different sized labels that are not water soluble and will not come off without some serious scrubbing.

  3. says

    Pretty cool idea – and easy to do in batches like that.

    I also recommend whiteboard paint labels – you can use it on just about anything and can put it on stickers as well. It has the upside of being a bit easier to erase and reuse, and you can use different base colors if you want something other than transparent or white.


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