Mojito Ice Pops and FoodBuzz Top 9

Mojito Ice Pops Nothing gives me a warm fuzzy feeling more then having one of my recipes make the Top 9 on Foodbuzz. It has only happened one other time so it means alot to me. The great thing about making the Top 9 is that you know that your recipe or blog post has […]

Reminder Canning Chat Thursday 6/16 8 pm est @ebates

I’ve been a little under the weather this week with a nasty head/chest cold but wanted to remind you all that I will be hosting the Preserving The Summer Harvest Live Chat on Thursday  6/16 at 8pm EST in the Savvy Living Community, sponsored by Ebates on The Blog Frog website.       My co-host will be […]

Come Join Me in The Savvy Living Community

I have great news. I am honored to announce that I am one of the newest Community Leaders on the Savvy Living Community on The Blog Frog.  My main duties will of course be as a contributor to the food catagory but I will also be sharing savvy tips through out the community. The Savvy […]

I bought my Domain!

Celebrate with a Red Velvet Cupcake! I just bought my domain on blogger. You may get a odd page once in awhile but my blog will be up and running in the next few days at you will still be able to view my blog at  I am hoping for a pain free […]

Making The Most Out Of Your Food Budget:Chicken or Turkey and Rice

Tweet Making The Most Out Of Your Food Budget Easy Chicken or Turkey & Rice With the economy in the state it is in everyone I know has been cutting back on their spending.  One of the most expensive aspects of life right now is the price of groceries. It seems like each time I go to […]

How To Save Money Feeding Your Family

By Arleneauthor of Flour On My Face There are a number of ways to cut back on your families meal budget.Do you eat out a lot? Call for take out instead of planning and cooking a healthy meal for your family? Eating out is way more expensive the cooking a meal.An excellent way to keep within your […]

Cupcake Roundabouts Winner

Congratulations captainliss40 you are the winner of the cupcake  Roundabouts !   I hope you enjoy your prize!

Host a POM Wonderful Party

Do you love pomegranates? Would you like to host a dinner party featuring recipes you have created using Pom Wonderful products. Here is your chance to host a dinner party, get some great free Pom Wonderful products and have a great time with friends and family. Party Pack includes: 16 POM Wonderful pomegranates 1 POM […]

Blackberry Surprise

Blackberry Surprise I could not believe my eyes when I saw the luscious containers full of plump blackberries at the store the other day. Can you guess where I found them? Not the farmers market. Not Wholefoods. Not a local farm stand. Target What a coincidence,  just a short time after I wrote my I’ve […]

Aprons Tie One On

I love aprons. Old aprons or new aprons. I wear one every single day while I am cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen. I also wear one when I am creating messy art. My MIL who knows I love aprons sent me a link on Facebook for an article that was in the LA Times the other day  Aprons: […]