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How To Save Money Feeding Your Family

There are a number of ways to cut back on your families meal budget.
Do you eat out a lot? Call for take out instead of planning and cooking a healthy meal for your family? Eating out is way more expensive the cooking a meal.
An excellent way to keep within your food budget is to plan out a menu for the entire week. Make a grocery list before going to the store based on your menu. Clip coupons and check your local grocery store sales flyer to plan your meals around the meats that are on sale. And stick to your shopping list while in the store!
How do you save money on your food budget?

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  1. cook from scratch! and don't eat out! i can make a HUGE pizza for $8 instead of buying one from a pizza joint and i get more for my money. so much healthier too.

    simple recipes cost less and are just as good. actually children usually like them better anyway. every kid likes spaghetti and that is about the cheapest there.
    BEANS! one bag is worth 2 cans and they cost the same so double your money right there.

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