Strawberry Mimosas Recipe

Fresh Strawberry Mimosas to surprise your sweetheart with breakfast in bed of chocolate dipped strawberries and a fresh fruit Mimosa for Valentine's Day.


Strawberry Juice Andres of California Moscato Champagne Strawberries STRAWBERRY JUICE Strawberries Water Sugar

Make homemade strawberry juice by blending 2 cups of washed and sliced strawberries with ½ cup water. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve to remove any seeds. Chill before mixing the Strawberry Mimosas.


Place strawberry slices in the bottom of a champagne flute. Fill the champagne flute halfway full of the strawberry juice. Pour champagne into the flute until full.

Use caution and slowly pour the champagne in the champagne flute as it will foam and overflow as you pour the champagne in the glass. Garnish each glass with a  fresh berry.

What better way to say I love you to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day than to surprise her or him with Strawberry Mimosa and chocolate covered strawberries.

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