How to dehydrate Mango

Step by step how to dehydrate mango at home so you can make dried mango slices for a sweet tropical fruit snack you can enjoy all year long. Making dehydrated fruit at home is a great way to save money.


 Fresh Mangoes Water CHILI LIME SEASONING Whole Lime Sea Salt Chili Powder

Wash the fresh mangoes. Cut the flesh from the 2 sides of each mango. Slice each piece into smaller ¼ inch thick slices. Use a sharp knife to cut the flesh of the mango from the skin.


Arrange the sliced pieces in a single layer on a food dehydrator trays. Stack the trays on the dehydrator. For dried chili lime mangoes, sprinkle the pieces with the juice of one lime, ground chili powder and sea salt.


Place the lid on top of the dehydrator and set to 135 F. or the fruit setting if using an Excalibur type dehydrator. Dehydrate the mango for 8 to 12 hours or until the mango pieces are dry to the touch and pliable.


Transfer the dried mango pieces to a paper plate and allow to cool completely before storing in air tight containers. Store the dried mango in air tight containers in a cool dark cabinet.


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