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DIY Fairy Dust Glitter Gel recipe to make the fairies sparkle during a Fairy Birthday Party or Fairy themed tea party via flouronmyface.com
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DIY Fairy Dust Glitter Gel

Fairy Dust Glitter Gel is so easy to make and can be customized for the color scheme of your fairy party. If you are not having a fairy party then the fairy glitter gel also would make a great summer kids activity.
Course: DIY
Cuisine: American
Keyword: diy glitter gel, fairy dust glitter gel, kid party favors
Yield: 12 containers


  • 1 tablespoon Glycerin
  • 1 cup Aloe Vera Gel or a 6.8 fluid ounce bottle of Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh
  • Fine Glitter in as many colors as you would like bought at Joann's
  • Small screw top Jewelry Designer Bead Storage System bought at Joann's in the jewelry making department
  • Lavender essential oil optional
  • Stickers optional
  • wooden skewer


  • In a glass jar or bowl add 1 cup of aloe vera gel or the entire container of Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of glycerin and mix well.
  • Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil and stir.
  • Set aside overnight if cloudy. If you used aloe gel and it did not cloud up continue to the next step.
  • Take the lids off all the bead storage containers but leave the individual containers in the plastic case they came in.
  • Using a small spoon fill each tiny container with the gel. Do not fill them to the brim or they will overflow when you are mixing the glitter in. Just below the lip of the container is good.
  • Snip a corner a bag of glitter.
  • Work with one color of glitter at a time so they don't get mixed together.Remove the number of containers for the color you are working with from the case and tap a pile of glitter on top of each one. Stir well with a wooden skewer. Add more glitter if it looks pale in color. The more glitter the bolder the color of glitter gel you will get.
  • Twist the lid on each container as you're done adding the glitter and replace it in the storage container.
  • Repeat with whatever other colors you plan to make until all containers of Fairy Dust Glitter Gel are made. Snap the lid on the container to store or add stickers to the top as I did.