How to  Dehydrate  Diced Apples

How to dehydrate diced apple so you can enjoy dried apples in your favorite apple recipe. Or make these dehydrated apples for food storage, or dried  fruit snacks.


Apples — Fresh Fruit  Or Lemon Juice

Mix the Fruit fresh following the directions on the container or mix equal amounts of lemon juice and water in a large bowl. Scrub, peel and core the apples.


Slice, and dice the apples. Immediately put the diced apple pieces into the bowl with the Fruit Fresh and toss to cover all sides. Arrange the apple pieces on the dehydrator trays in a single layer

Turn the dehydrator on. If your model has a temperature control set the temperature to 135 F. degrees. If it has a timer set the timer for 6 hours to start. Check the apple pieces every couple of hours until they are done. They should be ready in  6-8 hours. 

When the diced apples are done let the apple pieces cool before placing in a glass jar. Every day, shake the jar and check for moisture. If you see moisture, return to the dehydrator until apples are completely dry.

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