How To Dehydrate Cherries

How to dehydrate whole cherries in a food dehydrator. This very easy and uncomplicated way to preserve fresh cherries will have you enjoying dried cherries for a snack or to use in recipes all year.


— Pitted Fresh Sweet     Cherries — Lemon Juice

Wash, stem and pit the fresh cheeries. Place the lemon juice into a bowl and as you are pitting the cherries put them in the bowl and toss them to cover them with lemon juice.


Once all of the cherries are pitted begin loading the first tray of your dehydrator. Fill the tray with pitted  cherries leaving a gap between each cherry so they aren't touching.

Continue filling each tray and stacking it on top of the previous dehydrator tray. Once all the trays are filled with cherries place the lid on top of the dehydrator.

Turn the deydrator on and dry the cherries for 16 to 18 hours or until the  cherries are dry but still slightly tacky to the touch. Store in an airtight container.

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