How To Dehydrate Apple Slices

Unlock a world of flavor and nutrition by learning how to dehydrate apple slices! This simple process transforms fresh, juicy apples into crispy, sweet snacks that can be enjoyed all year round.


Apples Water Fruit Fresh or Lemon Juice Cinnamon

Wash the apples well in cold water. Prepare the pretreatment mixture according to the instructions on the container. If you're using lemon juice, mix it with water in a fifty-fifty solution.


Carefully use a sharp knife or a mandolin to slice the apples into ¼ inch thick slices. As you slice the apples put the slices into the bowl of pretreatment solution. Repeat until all of the apples have been sliced and dipped.

Arrange the apple slices on prepared dehydrator trays. Set the temperature to 135°F  and let the magic happen for 6 to 8 hours. If your model doesn't have an adjustable temperature just turn the dehydrator on.

Once done allow the apple slices to cool before storing. Store the dehydrated apple slices in an airtight container.

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