Halloween Treat Bag Topper Printable

Make this free Halloween Treat Bag Topper printable for your Halloween trick or treaters.


• Halloween Treat Bag Topper Printable • Candy and Small Toys • Zip Loc Sandwich Bag • Stapler

If you would like to make these Halloween Treat Bag Toppers to make your own Halloween goodie bags, download the free Halloween Treat Bag Topper Free Printable.


Each sheet will print 3 goodie bag toppers. Be sure to set your printer's ink to the Best setting when printing. Print out as many sheets as you need.


Cut them out, fold them in half and score them, fill your sandwich-size bag with some Halloween candy and some small plastic toys then staple the Halloween Bag Topper to the top of a zip-top sandwich bag.


You can fold down the top of the sandwich bag if there is a lot of room at the top after you have filled the bags. It is so easy to make these with this fun Halloween treat bag topper printable and they turn  out beautiful.


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