Easy No-Bake Halloween  Wafer Cookies

Easy homemade no bake decorated Halloween Wafer cookies you can make with the kids. Wafer cookies dipped in melted candy melts and decorated with sprinkles.


Wilton Candy Melts Orange Wilton Candy Melts Vibrant Green Vanilla Wafers Sprinkles Vegetable Shortening or Wilton Candy Wax

Line the baking or cookie sheets with nonstick parchment paper. Place the entire bag of candy melts in a candy melting container or bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of Crisco vegetable shortening or Wilton Candy Wax to the container with the candy melts.

Heat the bowl of candy melts for 30 seconds in the microwave. Remove and mix. Return the bowl to the microwave and heat at 30-second intervals mixing the candy melts after every 30 seconds until they are completely melted and smooth.  Add more shortening as needed to thin the melting candy melts.

Once the Wilton candy melts have reached a thin enough consistency use a candy dipping tool or a kitchen fork to dip one wafer cookie into the melted candy coating at a time. Let excess coating drain from each cookie before placing on the parchment paper.  Immediately sprinkle with your choice of sprinkles or nonpareils.

Repeat with the remaining cookies. If the candy coating starts to harden warm it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to thin it out. Allow the candy-coated wafer cookies to harden on the  cookie sheets.


Halloween Orange Scream Milkshake


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