Sweet and Spicy Pork Rub

One of my favorite recipes to make during the summer is barbecued pork  that I have rubbed with my favorite homemade Sweet and Spicy Pork Rub.


– dark brown sugar – smoked paprika – fine sea salt – fresh cracked peppercorns or ground black pepper – cayenne pepper – dry powdered mustard – garlic powder

Measure all the ingredients into a large bowl. Gather the brown sugar and dried spices to make the rub.


Use a whisk to combine the ingredients. Continue to mix until all of the dry rub spices are mixed together.

Transfer the pork rub to a mason jar or plastic container with an airtight lid. Dry rub can be used on chicken, pork chops, ribs or pork roast to add a rich and smoky flavor.

Use 1 cup to 1 ½ cups of rub depending on the size of pork roast. Rub over pork roast, cover tightly with aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight before cooking.

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