How to dehydrate dill to stock your spice cabinet and save money preserving herbs by dehydrating them. Dry your summer herbs so you can cook with them all winter long.

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Fresh Dill  Water (for rinsing)

Pick the fresh dill early in the morning after the dew has dried off the stems but before the sun is high in the sky. Rinse the herb in a bucket of cool water to remove any bugs or dirt. Pinch the thicker stems from the bottoms of each stem.


Lay the dill stems on a dehydrator tray. You can pile it on more thickly than you would most herbs because the thin feathery stems will dry quickly. Turn the dehydrator on and set the temperature to 95 F. degrees if there is a temperature setting on your appliance.

Dehydrate the dill for 10 to 14 hours at 95 degrees. Transfer the dried stems to a bowl. The dill will feel dry but still soft to the  touch. The thickest stem should feel dry and brittle. Crush the herb with your hands or use a scissor to cut the pieces. Remove any pieces or stems you find.

Dried dill goes well with fish and seafood. It is also used to flavor dips, pasta salads, egg salads, sauces, meats and many vegetables.

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