Coconut Mojito  Ice Pops

Summer or Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to make Coconut Mojito Ice Pops for your next adult party. Turning your favorite summer cocktail into a boozy popsicle is a great way to enjoy a frozen Coconut Mojito.

MINT SIMPLE SYRUP Sugar | Water | MInt Leaves COCONUT MOJITO ICE POP Limes | Coconut Milk Coconut Water | Coconut Rum Fresh Mint Leaves


To make the mint simple syrup, simmer sugar and water in small pan. Remove from heat and add mint.  Allow to cool and strain through a fine mesh strainer. Discard the mint leaves and store mint syrup in a covered container.

Make the Mint Simple Syrup at least 2 hours before starting the ice pop recipe.  Zest 1 lime and set the zest aside. Juice the lime you used for the zest along with another 2 limes.

Thinly slice 2 limes and  set aside. Place the lime juice, mint simple syrup, coconut milk and coconut water and coconut rum (or rum extract, if using) in a blender. Pulse for a couple of seconds to combine.

Add the mint leaves and lime zest to the blender and pulse for 30-40 seconds or until the mint leaves are chopped finely. Pour into ice pop mold, cover, insert ice pop sticks and freeze over night.


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