SPICY Buffalo  Deviled Eggs

Buffalo deviled eggs are the perfect option! Not only are they tasty, but these spicy deviled eggs are easy to make. Garnish each egg with a bit of blue cheese crumbles if desired!


Large Eggs Real Mayonnaise Ranch Dressing Frank's Hot Sauce Salt  Black Pepper Celery Sticks (Optional) Bleu Cheese Crumbles (Optional)

Hard-boil one dozen eggs. Peel the eggs, cut in half, and place the yolk in a food processor bowl. Place each rinsed and patted dry hard-boiled egg piece on a plate or in the indentation of a deviled egg tray or container.

Place the lid on the food processor and chop the egg yolks on low for about 2 minutes or until all the lumps are gone. Add the mayonnaise, ranch dressing,  salt and pepper to the food processor. Blend on high for 1-2 minutes until smooth.

Add the buffalo sauce to the bowl of the food processor. Blend on high for 2 minutes. until the Buffalo sauce is completely combined with the other deviled egg filling ingredients. Once done open  and carefully remove the blade.

Use a spoon or a plastic decorating bag fitted with a large star tip to fill each hardboiled egg halves. If desired, garnish with sliced green onion, and blue cheese crumbs. Refrigerate the deviled eggs until ready to serve.  Serve with celery sticks.

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Buffalo Shrimp


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