How To Make Kosher Dill  Barrel Pickles

Learn How To Make Kosher Dill Barrel Pickles at home. Making old-fashioned homemade Deli Style Kosher Dill Pickles is easy, tasty and an awesome way to learn how to preserve your own food.


Fresh Kirby Cucumbers Garlic | Coriander Seeds Yellow Mustard Seeds Brown Mustard Seeds Black Peppercorns Red Pepper Flakes Bay Leaves | Fresh Dill 5% Vinegar | Kosher Salt Non-Treated Filtered Water

Wash the Kirby cucumbers and trim off ends. Place tightly in crock or container standing up vertically. Add the whole garlic cloves, mustard seeds, coriander and fresh dill sprigs to the crock or container on top of the cucumbers.


Dissolve the Kosher salt in the untreated water in a bowl. Add the vinegar and stir. Pour the salt water mixture (brine) over the cucumbers and spices in the crock until the cucumbers are covered completely. Place a fermentation weight on top of the cucumbers to keep cucumbers submerged at all times.

Ferment the Kosher Dill Barrel pickles in a cool area. Check the cucumbers every 24 hours and remove any foam that floats on the top of the brine surface. Ferment the pickles for 5-10 days depending on how sour you like them.

Once the kosher dill barrel pickles have achieved the sourness that you like transfer the Kosher Dill Pickles to individual glass jars, cover with the pickling brine and store in the refrigerator.

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How to Make Kosher Dill Pickles


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