How To Make a Holiday Cheese Platter

When entertaining during the holiday season you need an epic appetizer like a Cheese Platter to serve your guests. Check out my tips and step by step photos on how I make an epic cheese platter.


French Brie Cheese  Petite Camembert Cheese Sharp Cheddar Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Parmesan Cheese | Prosciutto Herb Coated Salami | Mixed Nuts Candied Nuts | Apples Dried Figs | Grapes Blueberries | Club Crackers Carrs Table Water Crackers Thin Breadsticks |  Seasame Seed Flatbread Crackers  

Place the serving platter you plan to use down on the table you plan to serve the cheese platter from. It is very difficult to move the cheese platter once all of the ingredients are in place.

Start by placing the cheese on a serving platter. Leave space between each type of cheese. Begin filling in the spaces between the cheese with meat, crackers, fruit, and nuts.

Continue adding to the cheese platter until all of the gaps on the serving platter are filled in. Use any combination of cheese, fruit, and meats you like. Pick a few that are in season during the holidays.

When you include a combination of types of cheese and meats you  guarantee that all of your guest will have something to nibble on. Cheese, meat and crackers are always a hit.

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