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Whimsical Sleeping Garden Fairy


This Whimsical Sleeping Garden Fairy has taken over a birds nest for a little nap. Mama bird is back and she is not happy.


  • Birch Logs cut into 8-inch pieces like these at Joann's
  • Birch Bark Wrap or Joann's has similar one that I used
  • Sheet Moss
  • 3-inch twig bird nest
  • mini blue jay bird
  • 2 mini plastic eggs
  • low temp hot glue gun
  • low temp hot glue sticks
  • Mini Fairy that will fit in the nest


  1. Glue the pieces of birch logs together (if needed) so that they are stable when placed on a flat surface.
  2. You can glue some moss to the bottom to create a flat bottom if needed.
  3. Cut a piece of the birch bark ribbon so it will wrap around from the front to the back of the log.
  4. Glue the birch bark to the log with hot glue.
  5. Glue the twig birds nest to one end of the log.
  6. Break off small pieces of the moss and glue around the bottom of the bird nest, on the ends of the logs and along the front bottom edge of the birch log.
  7. Place the bird at the opposite end of the log from the nest.
  8. Position the bird so it is looking at the next.
  9. Secure the fairy to the bird nest with a few dots of glue.
  10. Glue one egg near the bottom of the nest.
  11. Glue the other egg so it appears to have rolled out of the nest below the first egg.
  12. Glue the bird to the opposite end of the log and postition it so it is staring right at the sleeping garden fairy.

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