Easy, Cherry Tart, Cherry, Lattice Pie Crust, Pie, Cherry Pie Recipe

Simple and Easy Cherry Tart Recipe



  • 215 oz canned Del Monte Dark Sweet Cherries in syrup
  • 3 tbs cornstarch
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Zest from one lime or lemon
  • Juice from half of a lime or lemon
  • Pie or Tart crust of choice


  1. Pour the dark cherries and their syrup into a heavy sauce pan.
  2. Add the cornstarch.
  3. Turn your stove on medium low.
  4. Gently stir to break up the lumps of cornstarch.
  5. Once the cornstarch lumps are dissolved turn the heat up to medium.
  6. Bring cherries to a gentle boil, about ten minutes.
  7. Stir until thickened.
  8. Once the filling has thickened remove the pot from the heat.
  9. Gently stir in the vanilla extract, lime zest and juice.
  10. Allow the cherry filling cool to room temperature before using as a pie or tart filling.
  11. Once the topping is room temp then you can fill your tart or pie crust.
  12. Bake tart or pie for 45-50 minutes until filling is bubbling and tart or pie crust is a golden brown.
  13. Cool on a cooling rack.
  14. Serve with whipped cream, ice cream.or sweetened creme fraiche

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