Bite-sized squares of homemade red velvet fudge

DIY Christmas Gift


  • Mini Candy Jars
  • wide Ribbon
  • Christmas Chipboard
  • Chalk Hang Tags with string hanger
  • white chalk pencil
  • Christmas Basket Filler
  • small Plastic Treat Bags & wire twist (ribbon can be subsituted)
  • wide Christmas Washi Tape
  • Homemade Red Velvet Fudge
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


  1. Measure the ribbon by wrapping it around a mini candy jar or mason jar.
  2. Cut the ribbon the width of the jar plus a 1/4 inch for overlap.
  3. Place a bead of hot glue along the short edge of the ribbon and attach it to the jar.
  4. Wrap the ribbon around the jar so the ends overlap. Attach with a bead of hot glue.
  5. Pick your focal piece of Christmas chipboard and glue it down on top of the ribbon in the center of the jar.
  6. Attach a complimenting but smaller piece of Christmas chipboard on each side of the focal piece.
  7. Set aside to allow the glue to set.
  8. Wrap each piece fudge in a mini treat bag, securing the top with a wire twist or a piece of colorful ribbon.
  9. Place a small amount of Christmas basket filler in the bottom of the jar.
  10. Tuck the plastic wrapped fudge into the jar.
  11. Write the name of your fudge recipe or a holiday greeting on the chalk label with a piece of chalk.
  12. Tuck the string of the label into the jar and place the lid in place securing the label string inside the jar.
  13. Wrap the Christmas washi tap around the seam of the lid to secure the lid in place.
  14. If you’re using a mason jar wrap the washi tap around the edge of the screw on band.

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