Starbucks #DeliciousPairings Holiday Blend Coffee and National Pastry Day

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Starbucks #DeliciousPairings

Holiday Blend Coffee


National Pastry Day


#DeliciousPairings Starbucks Coffee and Cake Balls

Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee and Artisan Fresh Cake Balls

Do you love Starbucks coffee? Do you stop at a Starbucks to get your fix or do you like to brew your own at home?  I like to brew my own at home but I will occasionally treat myself when I am out and about. The Starbucks I frequent is conveniently located inside  a Target so when the urge hits me while I am shopping I will grab a Mocha Frappe or one of the special seasonal flavors they have at this time of the year.

And occasionally as a special treat I will buy a bag of Starbucks Coffee beans to grind and brew at home.

I love the scent of fresh ground coffee beans!

The smell of the fresh ground beans is part of the enjoyment for me when I am brewing a really good coffee at home.

Did you get a chance to celebrate National Pastry Day on December 9th ?

I headed out to my local Sam’s club the other day to pick up a bag of Starbucks Holiday Blend and some pastries to celebrate the national holiday.

Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee and National Pastry Day Celebration

Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee


You can  find the Starbucks Holiday blend at Sam’s Club at the end of the coffee aisle in a special holiday display just like this.

Any chance I have to celebrate with a good cup of coffee and something sweet to eat I am right on it.

Really there is nothing I like better. Good coffee and a pastry is heaven as far as I am concerned.

After picking up a bag of the coffee I shopped around a bit. I love to pick up a few special items while I am at Sam’s Club that I normally don’t find at the grocery store. On this day I found a package of Meyer Lemons and a 3 lb bag of frozen cherries.

I have big plans for those cherries!

 When I was almost done shopping I headed over to the bakery to see which type of pastry I would enjoy with the Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee in celebration of the holiday.

Because the complimentary notes of the  Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee is spicy and pairs well with the flavors of ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cloves I thought I would pick up some of the Artisan Fresh Cinnamon Rolls but they were all out.

As I was looking around the bakery at all the delicious pastries they had available I passed by the refrigerated case.

Look what I found!

#DeliciousPairings, Artisan Fresh Cake Balls, Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee, coffee and dessert,

Artisan Fresh Decadent Cake Balls

I found these Artisan Fresh Decadent Cake Balls.

I couldn’t pass them up. Look at how beautiful they are.

The package had an assortments of flavors. Black Forest, Coconut, Chocolate Fudge and Red Velvet. I couldn’t wait to try the Red Velvet.

They would go great with the Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee I would be serving for the  National Pastry Day celebration I planned to have with my daughter and granddaughter.

We would be sampling the coffee and cake balls while we relaxed a bit.

National Pastry Day comes at a great time of year when everyone should take a minute or two for themselves to sit back and relax during the crazy holiday season and enjoy a pastry with a good cup of coffee.

I must admit that I did not wait for our little celebration before I sampled the Starbucks Holiday Blend. As soon as I got home and put away my purchases I opened up that vacuumed sealed bag and took a deep inhale of the coffee aroma.

It smelled good! I love a coffee with a rich full bodied aroma.

I brewed a cup in my Keurig using a one of those reusable filters that you can use with your own coffee grounds.

At first I didn’t think I was going to sample the cake balls.

Brewing Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee

A sample of Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee and Artisan Fresh Cake Balls


But as I was brewing the coffee that package of cake balls called to me.

Once the coffee was done brewing I added some sugar and tasted it before adding my creamer. I wanted to taste the coffee straight up first.  The Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee has a full bodied mellow flavor that glides over your taste buds and makes them sing .

I really loved it.  I could drink a cup of it without my coffee creamer if I had to. That really surprised me because I have been known to pass up a cup of coffee if my favorite creamer wasn’t available. Once I added my creamer and took a sip I was in heaven.  The rich flavor of the coffee shone through even with the creamer.

cake balls, dessert and coffee, perfect pairing, national pastry day, Starbucks PerfectPairings, coffee, Holiday Blend, #

Artisan Fresh Cake Balls from Sam’s Club

After taking a couple of more sips of coffee I picked out a Red Velvet Cake Ball and took a bite. What is it about Red Velvet? It tastes so good. I’m glad I decided on the Cake Balls because after taking a sip of the coffee again I knew they were the perfect pastry to enjoy on National Pastry Day with the Starbucks Coffee. The sweet of the cake ball and the  mellow flavor of the coffee are perfect together. The cake ball compliments the coffee while the coffee tones down the sweetness of the cake ball perfectly.

National Pastry Day, Cake Balls, Starbucks Coffee, Holiday Blend

Megan and Hailey celebrating National Pastry Day


As you can see Hailey, one of my granddaughters couldn’t wait to sample the cake balls as we celebrated National Pastry Day. She was chomping at the bit for a Black Forest cake ball.

Holiday Blend Coffee, Starbucks, pastried

My daughter Megan enjoying her cup of Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee


We enjoyed our coffee and pastries for National Pastry Day. But to be honest I don’t need a national holiday to persuade me to enjoy a cup of Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee with a sweet treat.

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All opinions are my own.

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  1. Joan says

    I’m sorry, but, in my opinion,Starbucks burns their coffee beans. Their coffee always tastes burnt to me … and not just burnt, but that end of the pot, been heating for three days burnt taste. YUCK!
    But, I now have a quest at the grocery store … I have to find those pre-made cake balls! They look like they belong at my house.

    • says


      I have read that they brew their coffee that way on purpose. That is the flavor of their brewing and beans. I have never noticed that flavor myself but everyone prefers their coffee differently. I can assure you the Holiday blend tastes wonderful when I brew it at home. You should give it a try.

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