HTC Windows 8X Phone Customizable Live Tiles #HTC8 #Troop8X

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HTC Windows 8X Phone

Customizable Live Tiles


One of the most exciting parts of owning and using the new HTC Windows 8X smartphone is the homescreen.

It has Live Tiles.

windows 8x phone, HTC, Windows Smart Phone

Windows 8X Live Tiles


Live tiles that update with all my important  information.

With my mail, messages, social media updates and mentions. Depending on the apps you install some even update like the AllRecipes app you can see below.

 Do you see all those tiny tiles with pictures at the top. Those are some of my Facebook friends and family profile pictures. They are constantly changing and when they change the sized will change on some of the photos. It’s fun to watch as my Facebook friends pictures are changing.

Or any information I want to see at a glance. Like what my oldest daughter might be sharing on Facebook.

Windows 8X Phone. Live Tiles, HTC, smartphones, Win8X

HTC Windows 8X Phone Live Tiles


Or the current weather forecast. At a glance I can see if it is going to be sunny or cloudy. When there is a weather warning issued in my area I will see a red number indicating how many warnings there have been.

The Pinspiration app that you see in the left photo was  fun because it’s live tile would change the photo based on my Pinterest updates but I found it didn’t always post my pins to Pinterest so I looked around in the Windows app store and found another Pinterest app to try out.

You can see it’s live tile in the right hand photo . It  isn’t as much fun as the other app but it works much better. It works  just like the Pinterest app on my old android phone so even though I don’t get to see any new photos from Pinterest on live tile the app is more stable and familiar to use.

The live tiles can be easily moved around, made bigger or smaller with just a tap and a flick of your finger.

My large Photo tile flips through the photos on my camera roll.  I can look at my sweet little granddaughter Addison’s smiling face when is scrolls through.

Check out what Addy did today. This is my daughter Megan’s Facebook update today.

Live Tiles

Live Tiles


You might be thinking  who cares if the kid peed in the potty today. Millions of kids do it every day.

 It is actually a day to celebrate.  High fives, hoots, yelling and clapping was done for a good five minutes. I happened to be on the phone with Megan at that very moment.  Our little Addison has Downs Syndrome and the fact that this is the second time she has done in it the past couple of weeks is wonderful  She is only 28 months old.  3 months shy of her third birthday and she is on her way to being a big girl. 

Yes I am a proud Grammy! And you get to celebrate along with me today because of the live tiles on my HTC Windows 8X .

Leave me a comment……..Do you think you would enjoy the live tiles on the Windows 8X phone as much as I do? 

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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.


Disclosure:This is a sponsored blog post. I am part of the #Troop8 bloggers who  received a HTC Windows 8X Phone and a couple of months of free AT+T wireless services so I could test out the phone  and share my opinion of. All opinions are my own honest opinion.

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