Enter Entenmann’s Rich Chocolate Donut’s 40th Birthday Sweepstakes

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Rich Chocolate Donut’s

40th Birthday Sweepstakes

Entenmmans Rich Chocolate Donut, Birthday Giveaway  and surprise announcment.

When I saw the opportunity to celebrate Rich Frosted Donuts 40th Birthday with Entenmann’s I couldn’t pass it up. Entenmann’s Bakery holds many memories for me.  Not only does my family enjoy many of Entenmann’s products like the Rich Chocolate Frosted Donuts, Powdered Donuts, Coffee Cake and Raspberry Danish but I have been eating Entenmann’s Coffee cakes since I was a child. I’m a tad bit older then Rich so there is a good chance I sampled a few of the Rich Chocolate Frosted Donuts as a child when they were first introduced.

It was a huge treat if my mother or grandmother bought an Entenmann’s coffee cake. As a child I didn’t enjoy a cup of coffee with my piece of course, but now as an adult I do. 

As I was reading over the history of Entenmann’s Bakery, which was first established back in 1898 by William Entenmann, a German immigrant who opened the first bakery in Brooklyn, New York my inner genealogy geek perked up. 

What does genealogy have to do with Rich Frosted Donut’s you might be wondering? Well you see my second passion in life after being a food geek is genealogy. I’ve mentioned my obsession passion with old family recipes in my Vintage Recipe project. My obsession passion goes a bit farther then that.

I come from a long line of German immigrants who settled in Brooklyn, New York. My family history goes back much earlier then 1898. Odds are good that one of my ancestors may have known William Entenmann.

He could have delivered his fresh baked goods to their homes. They could have shopped at the first Entenmann’s Bakery in Brooklyn! 

Back to donuts……….. So Rich is turning 40 in a couple of days. That’s not the only Entenmann’s celebration going on this month.

You see Rich has been keeping a little secret from his admiring fans. I’m not sure why but Rich has been keeping the name of his wife a secret!

Maybe he is just a private kind of Donut??

I’m not really sure why he has been keeping it a secret but he is finally going to make the big announcement on his birthday.

I bet Mrs. Rich Frosted is a little peeved at her husband and might possibly be a little jealous of her famous husband. Sounds like it to me…..

So who do you think might be Mrs Rich Frosted’s bride?

Entenmanns Bakery, Rich Frosted Donuts, Chcolate Frosted Donuts, Birthday, Celebrations

Will the real Mrs Rich Frosted Please step forward!

Who could it be?

  • Ms. Glazed
  • Ms. Crumb
  • Ms. Plain
  • Ms. Powder

Entenmann’s is celebrating Rich’s Birthday and his big announcement with a Facebook Sweepstakes. You can head over to the Facebook page for a chance to win a Birthday Prize Pack.

Entenmann's Bakery, Donuts, Coffee Cake,

Celebrate with Entenmann’s and Rich Frosted Donut

They are giving one away one a week until April 11th, 2013

Entenmann’s was kind enough to offer one of my readers a Birthday Sweepstakes Prize Pack also.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me which Entenmann’s product is your favorite.

This sweepstakes will end on Monday February 4th at 11:59 pm est. Winner will be randomly chosen. Winner must respond to my notification email within 72 hours. If no timely response is received I will pick another winner.

Disclaimer: Entenmann’s has supplied me with a promotional item as compensation for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Darlene Epps says

    My favorite is the crumb cake. I live in the South so entenmanns is a real treat for me when I can get them. We dont have them here so I have to rely on my relatives to sen them down to me.

  2. Mary Withrow says

    I love Entenmann’s – They are great bunch who give to the local food banks and Salvation Army in your Areas (They don’t advertise this) They are truly are Super Team! Support them! Thank you for the giveaway! I love Chocolate! They are the best! Mary

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