{Ended} Blendtec Total Blender Classic Wildside and Twister Jar Giveaway

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Blendtec Blender and Twister Jar Giveaway

Blendtec Blender Giveaway

Blendtec Blender Giveaway


Happy Birthday to me.

It certainly felt like my birthday a few weeks ago when the delivery truck pulled up and delivered a big box containing a beautiful Blendtec Total Blender Classic Wildside and a Twister Jar.

Actually it was my birthday on September 8th and I was hoping to post this giveaway for my birthday but early Saturday afternoon suddenly my internet went down. I was in the middle of writing this post when it did! Then it took me a few days to get caught up with everthing after being without the internet for a few days. So here we are finally.

I am so excited to bring this giveaway to you my readers!

Last Monday afternoon when a repair tech finally made it here I found out someone down the road cut the line while installing a fence! Call before you dig people!

Almost 3 days without internet because someone didn’t pay attention to the #1 rule when digging in your yard!


In case you have never heard of or seen the awesome Blendtec Blenders here is the product info on the Blendtec Total Blender Classic

Large jar with precision tuned 4″ blade package

Smoother blends, less time; take your blending to the WildSide!
  • New! Total Blender Classic Series® with precision tuned 4″ blade, large jar

Total Blender Classic Series® is the all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas, and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with one fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost. This package includes the new precision tuned 4″ blade in the large nearly 3-quart total capacity BPA-free jar. The new large blade / large jar combination powers through tougher blending tasks and larger recipes with ease, and in less time.

  • Commercial Quality

You have seen the unique square jar before. For years blending professionals have used Blendtec machines with the 4″ blade in the best coffee shops, juice bars, gyms, and restaurants around the world. Blendtec machines are known for producing the best, most consistent results in taste and texture. With the Total Blender Classic Series, you will enjoy the same great results in your home!

  • Blend Cycles

Total Blender Classic Series® comes with our exclusive Smart-Touch Tec-nology™ which means when a cycle button is pushed, the Total Blender Classic Series®automatically speeds up and slows down, then shuts off when the cycle is complete, so recipes turn out perfect every time.

  • Plenty of Power

Tired of your blender not being able to crush ice? The Total Blender Classic Series®has so much power (1560 Watts) it turns ice to snow and actually comes with an Ice-Crushing Guarantee. And now with the new precision tuned 4″ blade, you can make larger servings and blend whole foods with the added power of the larger blade.

  • Multi-Tasking

From the home gourmet chef to the everyday smoothie fan, the Total Blender Classic Series® fits your lifestyle. Order now to begin enjoying the benefits of the Total Blender Classic Series and the new precision tuned large jar!

Blendtec Twister Jar

Blendtec Twister Jar

Here is the product info on the Twister Jar

Blendtec’s newest innovation, the Twister Jar, is designed to blend your thickest recipes such as: Nut Butters, Hummus, Baby Food, Dips, Thick Shakes, Dressings and more! Best of all, it’s compatible with all Blendtec Home Blenders. To use, simply add ingredients and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is running. This twisting motion forces the ingredients from the sides of the jar back into the blade, achieving a perfect blend every time. We’ll also include our new spatula that has been engineered specifically for the Twister. We made this spatula just the right length and shape to get nearly every morsel out of your jar.   Package Includes:

  • Twister Jar with easy to read jar markings
  • Twister Lid with patent pending scraper tines
  • Customized 12.75″ (32.38cm) Blendtec Spatula
  • Patented wingtip blade


I have had many blenders over the years. But I’ve never had one like the Blendtec Total Blender.

My husband loves to make peanutbutter milkshakes in the blender. He has a very interesting way to make them.

More on that in a moment.

I have had many blenders where the motor has burned out. Can you guess why?

I don’t think I will have to worry about the motor on the Blendtec Blender burning out!

The first thing I made in the blender was frozen yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt in the Blendtec Blender

Frozen Yogurt in the Blendtec Blender

It turned out great. The kids loved it.

A few of the things I love about this blender is that it replaces my food processor. I only use the food processor for a few things like when I make deviled eggs, grind almonds for almond flour and chop up peppers and onions when I am making a salsa. I can’t use the food processor to make things like smoothies, soups or juice like I can with the Blendtec blender.

I will be able to use the Blendtec for everything that the food processor would do plus the things I would use a blender for.

I also love the shape of the jar. It is short and square. None of my other blenders would fit on my counter under the cabinets because they were too tall.

Last year I was making green smoothies in the morning. But because my blender wouldn’t fit on the counter I lost interest because every morning I would have to pull the blender out from under the cabinet, make the smoothie, wash it out and stick it back under the counter.

I can’t tell you how many times I pricked my finger tip with the sharp blade and cut myself. Please tell me I am not the only one to ever do that!

Another great thing about the Blentec blenders is they don’t have those sharp pointy blades. And cleaning the Blendtec jar is so easy. You don’t have to stick your hand in there to clean it and even if you did there aren’t any sharp pointy parts to cut yourself on.

Because the motor is so much stronger then a regular blender all you do is put a little water in the jar with a drop of dishwashing liquid and pulse for a couple of times. It removes everything from the jar.

Pour out the soapy water and rinse. Your done and haven’t put your fingers in danger.

Blendtec Smoothies

Blendtec Smoothie Recipe

I am going to start making green smoothies again!

Here is the first one I made in the Blendtec blender.

Blendtec Smoothie Recipe

30 grapes

1 nectarin, pit removed!

1 small carrot cut up into 12 inch pieces

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1/3 cup of watermelon chunks

a large handful of spinach

half cup of ice

Add all the ingredients to the blender jar and hit the preprogrammed smoothie button.

The blender  shuts off when the smoothies cycle is complete.

Pour into a glass and enjoy. This makes enough for one large glass or two small. I forgot to measure and I was sharing my smoothie with one of my daughters and one of my granddaughters the day I made this.

I mentioned my husband and his peanut butter milkshakes earlier and I am sure you’re wondering why I would mention it and burnt out blender motors…..well when my husband makes his peanut butter milkshakes he doesn’t put any milk in them!!

How can you have a milkshake without any milk? I’ve asked him this many times. What he does is softens the ice cream in the microwave, adds more them half a gallon of softened ice cream to the blender and a  bunch of peanut butter then let’s the blender rip. He has burnt out the motor on at least five blenders in the 30 years we have been together. It’s probably more then that. I had to hide my blender and make him go buy one just for his milkshakes. And even then he would burn one out and search the hosue for my hidden blender until he found it!

Now he can use the Blendtec blender and I won’t have to worry about anymore burned out blender motors.

That is if I let him use it!

This giveaway is for the Blendtec Total Blender Classic and the Twister Jar

If you love Pinterest like I do then you have the chance of earning bonus entries by following me and pinning this giveaway!

Please enter using the Rafflecopter Giveaway Form below.

UPDATE: You must leave a comment telling me which feature you love about this blender. Comments like “Enter me! I would love to win this!”  do not count as an entry and will disqualify you from the giveaway.

The Winner’s entries will be verified!

You may need to click on the title of this blog post to veiw the rafflecopter form.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I received the Blendtec Blender and Twister jar pictured here to help me write a review of this product. The prize will be shipped directly from Blendtec.

All opinions are my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Grace Mischenko says

    I would LOVE to win this! I was going to buy a Vitamix this summer, but it didn’t work out financially for us (son totalled our vehicle!). I make smoothies ALL the time and with 8 children, I have to make 3 batches. I am super excited to try out the preprogrammed smoothy setting! I am also getting ready to start making baby food for my youngest son who has Down syndrome.

  2. Kathy says

    I love that it is so easy to clean and that it grinds things up so well and so easily. Seems like the perfect blender! winterwrens at gmail dot com

  3. Megan says

    Ok then, did I put that comment in the wrong place!? lol

    I love that this machine has so many different options. I love it when my machines know what they are doing so I don’t have too!

  4. Nancy says

    I would love to own the Blendtec, as my blender does not do well on drinks. I try to eat healthy and the smoothie mixture just sits there not going down into the bottome and whirrrrrrs. Nothing happens. Waste all my good fruit and veggies!! I love the looks of the Blendtec and want to make green smoothies so badly, I would really use this every day. Plus, it matches my kitchen. Thank you so much!!

  5. Wanda McHenry says

    I really like the Smart-Touch Tec-nology feature where it speeds up and slows & automatically shuts off when the cycle is finished.

  6. Laura S. says

    I’ve never actually used one, but I think I would love that it blends everything so smoothly. I really enjoy green monster smoothies, but tiny spinach chunks are not always appetizing – this would get rid of that problem!

  7. Anne-Marie Cain says

    Lots of different options! The blender I have now is so very weak…can’t even crush ice. I would love to try to make almond butter. I can see me using this blender every single day!

  8. christopher sorel says

    my blender makes some strange sounds after trying to get it to make smoothies for the past year so I like that this has a smoothie cycle

  9. Kimberly says

    I make my own baby food and have killed a few blenders in the past, with our baby just about to that baby food stage I am hoping to have a blender with some power behind it!

  10. Solomiyka says

    It is my dream to own a Blendtec blender. Through research and customer comments I have read that the Blendtec blenders have a great design, is powerful, and gets the job done!
    The Blendtec Total Blender Classic Series has 1560 Watts, now compare that to the Black & Decker Crush Master 450-watt blender…

  11. Jeffrey says

    I like the spatula idea. Every time I use my blender it seems as though a fair amount of the concoction I am putting together get wasted.

  12. Catherine says

    I love that Belndtec blenders are so versatile! It’s hard to pick what I love best, I love making soups, doughs, dressings, and of course smoothies filled with whole bunches of kale!

  13. says

    happy birthday!!! i love that the blend tec is so powerful!! I want to make veggie smoothies and i have tried with my cheap blender, but the veggies don’t even chop up!! so i drink thick veggies that itch my throat like crazy! I have heard soo many good things about the blend tec and i want one very badly!

  14. Debi H. says

    I love everything about this blender…the power, that it will replace my blender and my food processor. And I absolutely love that I don’t have to take it apart to wash it and risk cutting myself on the blade!

  15. Danielle says

    I love that the Blendtec can make everything from my husbands favorite soups to my vegan daughters smoothies and my 5yr olds favorite mango smoothie. We have been saving for about 6 months hoping to get one for Christmas as the family present. Would love to win one!

  16. says

    My favorite feature? The auto-shut off of the cycle! I have a very bad habit of either under doing my cycles or over-doing them and ruining the recipe completely. Knowing that I could have perfectly blended recipes with my blender?? I might actually start to use it more!!

  17. Tracey says

    I love the Smart-Touch Tec-nology this offers. That’s a great feature to have especially when your teenagers like to use it! Not to mention the power..can’t tell you how many times I’ve run to the kitchen to tell my daughter to give the blender a break. Umm..doesn’t that burning rubber smell signal a problem? lol

  18. Elizabeth Rodriguez says

    I would love a Blendtec Blender, I love that the motor is able to handle almost anything and that there is no need for the pointy blades. I have cut and nicked myself too many times to count. Right now we are without a blender because our last one just stopped working, my kids love smoothies so winning a Blendtec would be awesome!!!

  19. Maia Land says

    This is an amazing blender, and there are lots of features that I like. Most of all, I like the fact that the blades aren’t sharp and pointed, so I’m not likely to cut my hand if I put it inside. Admittedly, I have done that before too!

  20. Amanda Christensen says

    Oh wow! What do I love about the Blendtec? From what you’ve described I’d have to say the ease of clean-up. I like that I can just pour in some water, add a drop of dish washing liquid, blend and rinse. That sounds like a dream come true for a smoothie making mom like myself.

  21. Katherines Corner says

    I like all of the features but the size is appealing too. I hope you will share this great giveaway on my win it page. Don;t forget to enter my giveaway too. xo P.S. thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  22. Rust says

    I like that it can be used as a food processor and also that it is so powerful. I like the way you described how you clean it too, that sounds pretty cool.

  23. says

    the blender i have right now is a nightmare to clean so i often don’t use it because it doesn’t fit in my dishwasher and handwashing is not so easy. i like that the blendtec is super easy to clean which means i can make all of my favorite smoothies.

  24. Sherrie C. says

    I love that this is such a powerful machine (1560 Watts) and it uses Smart Technology to speed up, slow down, and stop as set.


  25. Dixie Chiles says

    I have been a faithful Bosch user for 35 yrs and have helped to give all my grown children Bosch mixer/blenders for wedding gifts. All they want for Christmas this year is a new Blendtec Blender. I am so impressed by all the wonderful reviews. I have always believed in investing in an awesome product that will give you many years of service and satisfaction. I was sold on your blender when I heard that Blendtec is commercial quality and has both Smart Technology and 1560 watts of power!!! I make shakes everyday for my myself and my grandchildren. I am so excited that I can now enjoy making a shake and not have to worry about finding little chunks and seeds at the bottom half of my drink. My sweet husband passed away suddenly this past year and Christmas will not be the same without our special Santa. If I won a Blendtec Blender, I would give it to my son that is trying to run our litttle family business that my husband left behind. He is the one that first found out about your amazing product… I am saving up to buy one also!!!

  26. Ray S. says

    Being a guy, my favorite feature is how remarkably simple it is to clean! Just a little water in the jar with a drop of dishwashing liquid and pulse for a couple of times – amazing how it instantly removes all residue! Also love the automatic shut-off feature too! Great review & giveaway! Thanks so much!

  27. Georgiana says

    I like the smart technology feature that speeds up and slows down the blender and I love how the smoothie cycle automatically turns off!

  28. says

    For my entry: I like the blend cycles and the exclusive Smart-Touch Tec-nology™ . . and I’m wondering, how do these differ from the Vitamix blender? I’ve been seeing these around more frequently and was just wondering if you knew?

  29. Shelley says

    This is just such a great product. I have been wanting one for a while but the cost is to high for me so this giveaway is really exciting! My favorite feature is the power. This blender can make a countless amount of things that other blenders would just burn out on, and even if they did make it the quality of the product is not as good (little chunks of this, little chunks of that). This blender really opens of a whole new world in the kitchen. A dream appliance for sure!

  30. says

    I hope I left a correct comment – I read your post – Andrew distracted me — then I hope I left a correct comment – instead of “enter me” — I love the power of the Blendtec – I am so tired of struggling with a weak blender! (can you delete my other entry if it is incorrect?)

  31. Stacey Roberson says

    I love that with a push of a button, the Blandtec automatically speeds up and slows down, so you get perfect recipes.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  32. Carrie says

    I love that this blender has enough power to replace a food processor for thing I love to make that make my blender freak out, like hummus! :)

  33. Jody Epp says

    I love the automatic settings for smoothies, sauces and ice crush. I also love how it turns off following the automatic cycle.

  34. Meaghan DeToro says

    This has to be the COOLEST blender I’ve ever seen! Where has this blender been my whole life? It would make working around the kitchen much more efficient and simpler!!

  35. Steve says

    I love the power of the machine, being able to blend frozen items and coming out with a super smooth mixture. I makes it easy to consume lots of fruit and vegetables!

  36. Stephanie says

    I would LOVE the Blendtec blender! I make smoothies and juice on a daily basis and feel like this blender would make it soooooo much easier && even more fun!

  37. Krista White says

    It’s hard to choose just one feature – I’d have to say, the one that I like the most is that you just put a drop of soap and some water in it and it is clean.

  38. Anne M Hughes says

    I love the smart technology feature that speeds up and slows down the blender…. and NO MORE motor burnouts!! You cannot top that. I’m sold. : )

  39. virginia walker says

    my mother-in-law cant eat regular foods so every day i blend food in my small blender 3 times a day. i would love to blend enough to but into freezer jars so that i could stock pile some soups for her, that would leave some me time

  40. Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts says

    I love that it is short and wide, I love that it has no sharp blades, so it is safe to clean. I love how powerful it is to crush ice. I pretty much like everything about this blender.!

  41. Sharonda says

    I’ve always had weight issues and for the past few moths I’ve been making changes to get healthy. Green smoothies have made my lifestyle change easier but my blender is terrible. I love the fact that the Blendtec is durable and consistent with the different blend cycles.

  42. Tom H. says

    The Blendtec Total Blender Classic feature I love is the Smart-Touch Tec-nology that automatically speeds up, slows down, and shuts off to achieve the perfect blend every time!

  43. colleen says

    The feature I love the best is the whole process of blending all kinds of veggies into healthy smoothies that are delicious and not just tolerable to get down. Especially from someone like me who DOES NOT LIKE FRESH VEGGIES AT ALL!!

  44. Heather says

    I would Very much LOVE to win a Blendtec Wildside and twister jar! I would really love to be able to make things like whole food smoothies, nut butters, hummus, sorbets, and so on. I am cleaning up my diet to a plant based diet for personal health reasons. I have entered quite a few of these contests and so far no deal. Hopefully this time will be different. :) I am a certified holistic health coach and this would help me get my business off the ground too.

  45. Christina says

    I love that the Blendtec is so powerful that it can whip up a batch of thick, creamy frozen yogurt out of frozen fruit and yogurt. I’ve seen this done on YouTube and I think it’s so awesome.

  46. Alannah says

    I love that everything is at a touch of a button. Want to make soup, smoothie, or ice cream? There is a button for that!

  47. Brent says

    I like that it has enough power to blend things so smoothly. I would like to be able to throw in whole spinach leaves, broccoli and whole fruit to create some great smoothies without the chunks and without burning out my blender

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