BGCA and Amway Positive Sprouts Program

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The Boys & Girls Club of America


Amway’s Positive Sprouts Program

Boys & Girls Club of America Positive Sprouts Amway Program

Positive Sprouts Program

Did you know that the Boys & Girls Club of American has been helping kids for more than 100 years? They have been a safe haven for children helping them develop creativity and the confidence needed to succeed in school and the community.

The BGCA teamed up with Amway, a global health and wellness company three years ago and created the Positive Sprouts Program.

Positive Sprouts Program

BGCA Amway Positive Sprouts

“With three out of 10 kids overweight or obese, BGCA and Amway are committed to improving the nutrition and lifestyle choices of today’s youth. The POSITIVE SPROUTS program focuses on improving nutrition by providing local Boys & Girls Club members with the tools necessary to build and maintain their own community gardens. Through sustainability grants, DIY Garden In a Box Kits and a supporting educational curriculum, Amway is dedicated to encouraging healthy habits at Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide.”


Amway is earmarking 30,000 in Sustainability grants to ten BGCA who previously received community gardens from Amway.

They are also donating 150  Garden In A Box Kits to BGCA clubs who show interest and  need for establishing a community gardening program at their Club.

POSITIVE SPROUTS® Curriculum  Amway is also enabling the delivery of a healthy food curriculum to 4,000 Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide ensuring that all Clubs have access to educational materials promoting healthy eating habits.

Do you have a child who is in the BGCA? Are they part of a community garden? I’d love to hear from you if they are. If not connect with the BGCA on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about your local club.

My children were never involved in our local club. I didn’t even know we had one here until a couple of years ago.

We do have a very close friend who has been a leader in New York for over 20 years.

Does you local Boys and Girls Club of America take part in the Positive Sprout Program? If not you should find out why. This is a great program for the kids to be involved in that will make a big difference in their lives.

The Positive Sprout Program is a great way to get children involved with gardening. In turn they will learn about eating a healthier diet. If your children are not big vegetables eaters you will be surprised how working in the garden watching vegetables grow as they tend to the plants needs will get kids to taste and eat vegetables they normally wouldn’t.

My 15-year-old helped me garden when she was a toddler and we live on a bit of acreage  She enjoyed the time outside with me but she also would  plucked a bunch of broccoli florets off my plants as soon as she saw them and start munching on it like it was candy. Since then she has always loved broccoli, cooked or raw. 

True story.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Amway. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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