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#shop Pre-Order your @DisneyPixar Monsters University Collectors Edition DVD Now #MUPreOrder

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Pre-Order your Monsters University Collectors Edition DVD

Have you had a chance to see the new Monsters University Movie yet?


I haven’t had a chance to see the  Monsters University movie in the theater myself but my daughter Audrey and Emma, one of my granddaughters has. They both loved the movie. The entire family loves all the Disney movies.  Seems like I have been watching Disney movies all my life. Then when my kids were small I loved to buy them on vhs as they became available so they could enjoy the same wonderful Disney movies that myself and my husband watched as children.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the opening of the Monsters University movie  with a little Juicy Juice ice pop party for the kids.

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Monsters University Ice Pops

  Party Food

I made some Mike inspired ice pops. They turned out pretty cute and were healthy to boot being made with nothing but Juicy Juice and fruit, no extra sugar added. The kids loved them. Emma just asked me if I would make some more Monster Pops for her. I also made MU Jello Jigglers for the kids.

Monster University, Mike Ice Pops, Juicy Juice Ice Pops, Healthy Kid snacks

Monster University Ice Pop Party

Lifelong Disney Fan Here

As you know things have changed a bit with technology and now we can buy Disney Movies on DVD and Blu-ray. I couldn’t believe that the new Monsters University movie would be available on DVD and Blu-ray this fall. The best part of that news is that it is available for pre-order at Walmart right now!

Disney, Movies, Monster University, PreOrder

Disney Pixar Monsters University DVD PreOrder

Buy the Monsters University Collectors DVD Set at Walmart


Monsters University, DVD, preorder, Walmart

Monsters University DVD available for preorder at Walmart

 There are a couple of extra perks if you pre-order the new Monsters University movie at Walmart.
  • You get a $1.50 coupon for Juicy Juice.
  • You get a $8 movie cash certificate to go towards the price of a Disney movie theater ticket.
  • And you get the digital version of Monsters University on Vudu.com so you can watch the movie on any of your digital devices.

Having a digital version of the  Monsters University movie is going to be great. This will work out great when I need to entertain the kids and don’t want to tie up my laptop.

I know my granddaughter Hailey is going to love being able to watch the movie on my smartphone.  She was so excited when I told her we were going shopping at Walmart to buy the Monsters University movie.

Mostes University, preorder Dvd, Walmart, #MUPreOrde

Monsters University DVD available for preorder at Walmart

Connect with Disney Pixar

You can check out the Disney Monsters University site to see the full cast of characters and learn more about the University. It is really a great site and set up just like a real university website.

If you get a chance check out Disney Pixar Facebook page. They share some great images and information about this and all the other Disney Pixar movies.

If you have never heard of Vudu.com you can check the site out and find out all about the digital version of Disneys Mosnters University. If you sign up for a new account you get 10 free movies to watch.

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  1. Your Monster Pops are adorable!

  2. My nieces are always grabbing my phone and iPad…having this movie would be great to entertain them when they’re visiting!

  3. Hey! Very cool! My niece loves this movie and loves ice pops. I will do to her! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello i have pre-ordered monsters university and it wont let me watch the digital copy….i click on watch hdx and then the movie and it has a tab that says watch on oct 29 that wont let me click on and another tab that says rate/share….is there something wrong?

  5. Ok forget that comment i was doing more reading and digital will b on vudu october 29

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