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{Closed} Ball Heritage Collection Giveaway

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Ball Heritage Collection Jar


2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the first true “Perfect Mason” jar by the Ball brothers.

Have you seen the limited edition Ball canning jars yet?

One lucky reader will win a case of these beautiful blue limited edition canning jars.

Ball Heritage Collection, Pint, Mason, Jars, Giveaway

Ball Heritage Collection Giveaway

Do you collect vintage mason jars?


Ball Canning, Jars, Perfect Mason, Ball Blue Jars

Vintage Ball Perfect Mason Jars circa 1913


I do and I have a pretty good-sized collection.

These are just a couple of the blue glass Ball canning jars I have in my collection.

I think my love of a pretty jar came about before my obsession with canning did. I’ve been collecting vintage glass for much longer than I have been canning.

Ball is celebrating the 100  hundred year anniversary of the Perfect Mason jar with a limited edition  reproduction of the blue glass jars that were first made available in 1913.

The jars are packed in a vintage style carton and come 6 to a box. The new Heritage line is safe to use for canning or if you’re a collector you might just want to display them.

They are beautiful and would look great in a kitchen that is decorated in a vintage style. 



 These pint jars are the first in a line of upcoming limited edition jars.

Ball Heritage Jars, Canning Jars

The Heritage Collection Limited Edition blue pint canning jars from Ball


The Ball Heritage jars are available in most hardware stores and some mass market retail stores. You can purchase the Ball Blue Heritage Jars on Amazon (affiliate link) if you have to have them right now.

Check out the Fresh Preserving website where you can find lots of great info on Ball canning products, canning recipes and general canning information.

Ball, Canning, Jars, Blue Ball, Limited edition, Heritage Collection

The Ball Heritage Collection makes a beautiful display.

If you’d like to toss your name in the hat for a case of these limited edition jars you can enter below in the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a case of these beautiful limited edition Ball Heritage jars to help with creating this post. 

All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Love the blue jars!

  2. I might have to display them since they are limited edition. My FB email & blog email are different.

  3. I would definitely use them for display. I love the look!

  4. I would use them for storage. Pretty things only, of course :)

  5. I have just a few vintage blues in my collection, but I love them! And yes, I’d totally use them for display mostly (but a few for actually canning).

  6. I love the blue jars! Thanks to a friend of my husbands I have 2 of the “original” ones. They are put up though. Would love to have some to use!

    • Amy

      I am so afraid to use my vintage blue Ball jars because of the cat and the grand kids running around. Now I can display these beautiful new blue jars and not have to worry about them as much.

  7. I’d use them for display! They’re gorgeous!

  8. Heather hunt says:

    Oh those are gorgeous! I would love them for gifts and to just display some of my things!!!! Thank you!

  9. I would Luv to have these jars.. Thanks for the giveaway..

  10. Priscilla says:

    I would use them for display, they are gorgeous!

  11. carol yemola says:

    These jars are so pretty. Would love to own them.

  12. I love canning, but these are so pretty I will probably use them for display!

  13. Display…or my friend’s wedding!

  14. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Would Use For Display, These Jars Are Beautiful!

  15. Shelly H says:

    I hope to use them for canning…and maybe some storage. They are just too pretty!

  16. I love these jars! I used to have some of the original blue Ball canning jars, but someone stole them.

  17. Would love to be able to add these to my collection of mason jars!

  18. Oh my! Those are so pretty. I would use them for different decorating projects around the house. My laundry room is a country blue color so they’d be perfect in there.

    • Cat

      They would be perfect for your laundry room. This is actually the first set in the heritage collection. Maybe Ball will come out with the big 1/2 and gallon size in the heritage blue also. Those would work even better in your laundry room.

  19. I would definitely use them for canning! They are very pretty and could be used to as the dish to serve the jam or whatever it is……

  20. Robin C says:

    I’d be using these for displaying I’m too afraid of canning!

  21. I would use them! Definitely.

  22. Sherry K says:

    If I won, I would use them to can. I fell in love with canning last year and plan to do more this year.

  23. Christopher Sorel says:

    use them for my different bbq rubs I make

  24. I’d use these for display if I won.

  25. Any & every available jar is used during canning season ~ even some of my oldest & prized jars, otherwise, I don’t get to look at them & admire them & their contents too!

  26. I’m going to use them!

  27. Melissa Frances says:

    OMG these are so pretty….i would for sure make a lamps out off two of them and put them in my dining room….and i would probably can some applesauce in a few of them and give them as gifts….but the rest i would use as decoration…they are so pretty..

    Thanks for an opportunity to WIN!!

  28. Caitlin says:

    I’m kinda tempted to can with them, but I would probably use them as countertop decoration/storage and put like flour or sugar in them.

  29. They are so, so pretty and would match my kitchen colors perfectly. I would use them as decoration and maybe as a couple of vases.

  30. I can but I would use these for display too pretty!

  31. I would love to fill these up with some fresh flowers!! Thank goodness it is finally spring :)

  32. Beautiful jars! I would display them

  33. Love these! I’m a total canning addict so I’d use them for canning.

  34. Nancy A. says:

    I would use them for storing my dry goods on shelves and for left-overs. Don’t can, but love using canning jars. I love the blue ones!! Matches my decor and I want some so bad!!!!

  35. Yes! I do want to use them for canning but I also want to use them for display. They are too pretty not to use!

  36. I’d love to use them for display, but they’re so lovely I just might be inspired to start canning as well, lol :)

  37. Perfect for flower vases!

  38. Michelle B says:

    I would love to use these in my upcoming wedding and for years after! They are just beautiful.

  39. If I win I’ll definitely be using these, but not for canning. I’m thinking cold brewed coffee and home made creamers!

  40. I’d probably use them for canning, then for display after everything’s been eaten from them. :) Love these!

  41. I have some of the old blue jars, love them! can’t wait to see these in the store. so glad they are having them out for a bit. My hubby likes to can pickles in the summer!

  42. I absolutely love these jars! I had some original ones that were lost when I moved across the country. Would love to have some of these new ones!

  43. Probably both, they are just so pretty

  44. I would absolutely LOVE these!

  45. D Schmidt says:

    I would use them for display purposes.

  46. I would use them as drinking glasses!

  47. I would most likely use them for display on the kitchen.

  48. Barbara C says:

    I’ll use them for transport (lunch will be pretty) and canning and a couple around the house

  49. I would use these for canning, alongside the rest of my Ball jars.

  50. I will definitely be using them for display. They match my new kitchen perfectly!

  51. Oh, I’m gonna can in them, probably some peaches or pears!

  52. I would use these awesome jars for a little of both. Some for canning, some for display!

  53. I would be using them for canning

  54. For canning. But I may also DISPLAY my canning, does that count?

  55. Just love these Jars! I use my vintage blue jars for display and dry storage in the pantry. These would be fun to hve to can in!!

  56. Those are so cute! I can see using them for anything from storing candy to using them as drinking classes. So smart of Ball to release these!

  57. Nichol Perez says:

    I definitely would use them for display with different baking goods inside like flour, baking powder. corn starch. You can still see the beautiful blue color. I also might try out canning this summer or fall.

  58. Be still my heart! I have a thing for blue and for canning jars!!!

  59. These are so lovely! What better way to begin my collection of Mason jars.:) thank you!

  60. If I won, I’d display most of them, but HAVE to use a few of them with. They’re just so BALLer.

  61. Janet Malone says:

    I would be torn but I’d probably end up canning with them. Gorgeous, though, aren’t they?

  62. Susan Christy says:

    I will use them for decorating – perfect color for my family room.

  63. Blue.tiful

  64. most likely for storing sugar and bulk herbs…love them..

  65. these jars are gorgeous, I’ll probably keep half of them for display only but there are a few special friends worthy of receiving something it one of these jars.

  66. Donna Jahnke says:

    These jars would look so great in my soon to be vintage looking kitchen! :)

  67. I would love to can with these!

  68. Don’t you just love the beautiful blue color ~ I would definitely display them!

  69. I would use them for display, even though I can a whole lot! They are too beautiful to be used for canning!

  70. display…I want to make a chandelier with them

  71. Tami Lewis says:

    I would use them canning.

  72. Clarice H says:

    I would use these pretty blue jars for holding different baking mixes in my kitchen!

  73. I would love these blue jars. I’d probably display them. Maybe use one or two for green smoothies. I hop I win. Today’s my bday!

  74. I would probably use them for display. They’d look nice on my countertops filled with dry goods, and on the kitchen windowsill with some cut herbs or flowers,

  75. I would probably use them for display. So pretty!

  76. display!

  77. Della yoder says:

    I think I would display for a while until I learn to can! Then use them!

  78. Display and crafts!

  79. Kelly Westerman says:

    Love these! I would use them for things I make at home, like Vanilla Sugar!

  80. Realia M says:

    i will use them to can some veggies we grow this year!

  81. Probably for display – I really love the color.

  82. Definitely display. I just painted my hutch white and these would take center stage. I would LOVE to win these.

  83. jennifer wellman says:

    I would love to have these. I don’t have anything collectible. This would be a great start maybe an antique cabinet to display them in.

  84. I’d use them for both cannin AND display!

  85. I would sort of do both. I can – A LOT – and some of it is just so gorgeous that having it in a jar that I could leave out and show off would be awesome! I can see it now…

  86. Love the jars..even have a board in their honor! Love your blogs!

  87. I would use them for display and storage. I love the way they look!

  88. I would use them for decorative storage

  89. Patricia Hancock says:

    Definitely for making jellies. I have some pectin screaming to be made into jelly.

  90. Susan Kay "Omi" says:

    Love the jars. Just found your jars. Can’t wait to catch up on all of your wonderful posts. Thanks!!

  91. Display because the color matches my bedroom perfectly

  92. I would use these as candle holders or gifts!

  93. Shannon s says:

    I would probably have to display these as they are so pretty! I love blue colored glass items!

  94. LOL…What a day. I can never have enough for canning. :-D

  95. Stephanie says:

    love ball jars

  96. Awesome giveaway!

  97. Jessica R says:

    So pretty. Would love to drink my juices out of these!

  98. Peggy Latham says:

    These jars would be filled with pickled vegetables to show off the depth of color for both the vegetables and jars.

  99. What a great way to drink ice tea and lemonade during the summer!!

  100. Mainly use them for canning!

  101. Thiry Shan says:

    would love to have those blue pint jars :-)

  102. Tara Gauthier says:

    While I do some canning these are so pretty they would be perfect for display!

  103. Yay! I won! Thanks Arlene and Ball!!!

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