Turn Your Kids into #VeggieKids Birds Eye Corn and Black Bean Quesadilla

Turn Your Kids into Veggie Kids

 Birds Eye Corn and Black Bean Quesadilla


Parents and grandparent have been trying to get kids to eat more veggies since the beginning of time.

We all know how important vegetables are to a healthy diet.

Even more so for a child’s growing body.

Birds Eye #VeggieKids

Birds Eye #VeggieKids


One of the best ways to get kids to eat more veggies is to get them involved in the kitchen.

Birds Eye knows how important it is to get kids eating vegetables. To get kids more interested in eating vegetables they teamed up with iCarly and in the iCarly virtual kitchen kids submitted 16 thousand recipe concepts as part of the iCarly iCook with Birds Eye initiative.

Now that is getting kids involved in the kitchen!

The kids came up with some wacky recipes that you can find at the Birds Eye Kids Website.

There are some great recipes there. Check them out and get your kid in the kitchen. Try something new and wacky to try and introduce a new vegetable to your child.

My granddaughter Hailey loves to help me in the kitchen. To get her eating more vegetables I decided to get her to help me prepare an after school snack that included some healthy vegetables. She eats lunch pretty early in the day so she is very hungry by the time she gets home from school.

We decided to make a corn and black bean quesadilla. She had fun putting the quesadilla together before I cooked it for her.

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Hailey is making her quesadilla


She piled the cheese and corn on.

#VeggieKids Corn and Black Bean Quesadilla

adding black beans and sourcream

Then added black beans and some sour cream.

After Hailey finished putting her quesadilla together I cooked it for her.

She couldn’t wait to dig in.

#VeggieKids afterschool snack healthy snacks

Hailey and her corn and black bean quesadilla


You can check out more of the Birds Eye Kids recipes at the Birds Eye website.

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  1. This looks like a fantastic dish for big kids, too. Very happy to have discovered your easy, healthy and delicious recipe. Thank you!

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