I am Back

I am back! Finally almost two weeks with out the internet. It is really amazing just how much my family and I depend on the internet for everything. Moving is such a pain and let me tell you it is going to take forever for me to get unpacked.
I haven’t been able to cook for most of the two weeks but I did manage to try out my new oven with a batch of Cranberry Scones . I am not happy with the oven but was very pleased with the scones. The recipe wil be coming soon I promise.
The oven is brand new and not heating up to the correct temperature. Of all the things to go wrong in the new rental!!
I will also be hosting a giveaway with a King Arthur product coming soon so keep an eye out.
Well I am off to unpack another box and hopefully have time to make a loaf of sourdough banana bread.


  1. glad youre back !

  2. Found you through Bloggy Mom's Network.
    These cranberry scones look delicious. Can't wait for the recipe. I also have you on my Facebook so I'll be able to see all your updates!

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