Aprons Tie One On

I love aprons. Old aprons or new aprons. I wear one every single day while I am cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen. I also wear one when I am creating messy art.
My MIL who knows I love aprons sent me a link on Facebook for an article that was in the LA Times the other day  Aprons: Go ahead and tie one on 
The article was interesting but what caught my eye was the links to some interesting apron websites and blog. And as you know what usually happens is you find another link to another great blog or website. So I found The Apron Memories site.


And what did I find while I was there? What I found was that November 24 th, 2010 has been declared National Tie on On Day. How did I miss this?? Apparently I am not spending enough time surfing the internet or plugging key words into Google.

So on Thanksgiving Day this year tie one on and celetrate National ( Apron ) Tie One on Day!


  1. alabaster cow says:

    hi from the mbc! i don't usually wear an apron but i'll have to check out those sites to find a cute one. and i'll have to remember to tie on on thanksgiving lol!

  2. Veronica Lee says:

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

    Have a nice day!

  3. I love the feel of your blog. Great name too :)

    Now following from MBC.

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